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Thinking in different ways, we know how to meet our partners’ needs

We transform your ideas into real objects. We share common goals to achieve innovative results. We respond to the most demanding requests, turning plastic into high-tech products.
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exceed your expectations with unique and distinctive projects and services

We believe

in teamwork and in synergies, for intelligent and productive growth

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offer a service of excellence, thanks to the ongoing improvement of processes

You may not yet have a definite goal: even in this case, we are here to help you. Our solutions and services are incredibly flexible and customizable, just like the technologies at which we excel.

Mould Production



In 1969, Paket was born from an idea by Mario Panontin. In 2010, the project moved forward and gave birth to Quaser, with the aim of bringing innovation to the development of plastic products and creating a wide range of solutions and services, which combined constitute the backbone of our business.
>30 Injection Machine (50% 2k)
20.000 sqm of Operating Area
>70 Collaborators
>10 Commercial Sectors
Tonn. press
from 500 to 20.000 kN
10 Served Countries
Pieces moulded in 1 year
>50 Customers
We work every day with leading international brands in their respective sectors, which have chosen us and continue to choose us for the quality of our products and production processes.

Certified quality.
All our manufacturing processes
comply with regulation
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
e IATF 16949:2016 

We are a team of reliable and skilled professionists with solid experience in the plastic sector. We have grown and continue to grow thanks to our partners, with whom we share quality business principles and objectives. A careful design and a reality aimed at constant technological updates allow us to provide quality products, whatever the structural complexity.